To all the great staff –

Thank you for an awesome experience at your clinic (if you can call surgery awesome!). Everyone was so nice, professional – yet fun! – and made the whole experience terrific. Pre-surgery appointments went well. I got all my questions answered and never felt rushed. The day of surgery, I was more nervous than I expected to be. Everyone was so great – getting me settled in and taking care of business, yet joking and teasing – enjoying a few laughs before going to sleep. Loved the new addition of the heated air mattress! After surgery – same thing – everyone was very attentive and caring. Post-surgical appointments went well – again, I never felt rushed. That was important to me. All my questions were answered. Dr. Meeks has a really nice manner and did a great job of taking care of me before and after. The surgery itself was a success – I was very pleased with the results. You have customer service down and it shows. Thanks again, for a wonderful experience.

~ K.T.

In 2008, I was a healthy active 47-year-old woman. In recent years I had undergone a few biopsies for questionable spots seen on a mammogram. One spot removed had shown some pre-cancer cells and the rest were benign. In the fall of 2008, I found a small lump. After a mammogram, a lumpectomy was done showing I had cancer and the surgery had not taken all of the cancer cells. Knowing I needed to do another surgery, my husband and I did some research on my type of cancer, treatment options, including a mastectomy, and possible reconstruction options. On a Friday afternoon, three days after I received my diagnosis by phone, we were in my doctor’s office. I told my surgeon I wanted a bilateral (both sides) mastectomy with reconstruction started at the same time. I did not want to worry about future breast cancer, but I also wanted to minimize the number of surgeries needed cosmetically to replace my breasts. That afternoon my doctor called the Olympic Plastic Surgery Center and spoke with Dr. Meeks. I was scheduled for an appointment the following Tuesday. My mastectomy was already scheduled for that Thursday.

Dr. Meeks met with me on Tuesday and patiently spent time advising me of all my options. He explained each procedure including the way the surgery was done, the materials used and limitations I would have during my recovery. I decided on what I felt was the least invasive (complicated) procedure. The foundations for the implants would be done during the same surgery as my mastectomy and I would only need one more surgery to place the permanent implants. Dr. Meeks and his office staff worked quickly to prepare to join my doctor in the planned surgery for that Thursday. After surgery, I began the expansion process to prepare my body for the permanent implants. As I was going through the expansions I was also receiving my chemo treatments. My implants were put in during the early spring of 2009.

The Olympic Plastic Surgery Center staff was wonderful. They were always available to support me in any way I needed and answer all my questions no matter how silly the questions seemed. They were positive, reassuring and compassionate. It was a blessing for me to find a local doctor who could care for me in such a competent and professional manner.

Probably because of my chemo treatments, I developed an infection at the site of my incisions three weeks after my permanent implants were in place. My body, even with antibiotics, did not fight it well. Dr. Meeks tried to save the foundations of the reconstruction with one surgery, but the infection would not heal and he had to perform an additional surgery removing all foreign structures. It was an unfortunate outcome to an otherwise successful reconstruction. However, after giving my body six months to heal from all it had been through, Dr. Meeks gave me a second chance at reconstruction. I again chose the expander method and had surgery in January of 2010 and permanent implants in place in April. I am pleased to say the surgery and recovery were a complete success. At this time I am happy and healthy – back to my pre-cancer life including playing soccer twice a week and waterskiing.

Olympic Plastic Surgery Center offers a local option to women wanting reconstruction after cancer and a mastectomy have completely changed their lives. Everyone who works there is friendly and treats you with dignity. I am thankful they were there for me.

~ B.L.

Because of a condition that leads to significant restriction of eyesight, I underwent reconstructive surgery by Dr. Thomas Meeks and his surgical staff. From the initial consultation, Dr. Meeks continuously provided the most professional care throughout the entire process, consultation, surgery, recovery room, and post operative care follow-up. He, his lead RN, and his operating room “pro’s” corrected my eyesight to a full-field of vision for which I am extremely grateful.

Although there is a certain amount of apprehension associated with the “unknowns” a patient has with complex surgery, it immediately became obvious to me that Dr. Meeks, his staff and medical facilities offered the best possible choice for my medical needs. He and the operating room personnel are talented, disciplined to exacting protocol, and accept nothing less than perfection.

I can attest to Dr. Meeks’ talent as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. My care and results were exceptional. I would encourage anyone seeking consultation about medical needs or surgery in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery to first visit Dr. Meeks. He has my trust and confidence and is highly recommended without reservation.

~ G.G.

On 3 March, I was informed that I had an aggressive form of breast cancer requiring a bilateral mastectomy. Suddenly I needed to locate a cancer surgeon, oncologist and reconstructive surgeon. My family recommended that I seek medical care in Seattle as they perceived that my future treatments needed to take place at one of the major medical facilities in the city. Fortunately for me, a neighbor who works in the medical field of oncology stated that I could obtain excellent care right here in Kitsap county. She recommended Dr. Thomas Meeks. From the beginning of this journey Dr. Meeks guided my spouse and I through the specific nuances that would be completed to create new breasts for me. Initial appointments explored options, shared risks and were most helpful in minimizing anxiety about the procedures. After surgery Dr. Meeks meets with family members to ensure their understanding of home care and rehabilitation. Additionally, he works closely with his patients to maximize comfort and ensures follow up visits address questions or concerns. Dr. Meeks and his nurse are compassionate, professional medical care providers. I would without hesitation recommend Dr. Meeks to my own family members or others requiring reconstructive surgery.

~ Nancy

Dear Dr. Meeks and Staff:

I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you provided from the one I had a bilateral breast reduction last year. He worked compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions fully. Janie, the nurse was very supportive and made me feel better about the upcoming surgery. I felt that my selection of your office was definitely the right choice for my procedure. The follow-up care provided me with assurance that I was taking care of the incisions and myself appropriately, and my recovery was just as I described!

The breast reduction was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I just wish that I had done it sooner in my life. Since the surgery, I have felt empowered to begin to exercise regularly, have lost about 12 pounds and almost 5% of my body fat. I love my new appearance! Without the additional weight of the breast tissue and the cumbersome act of “strapping in” my breasts, I feel so much more confident when I exercise. My back pain is much better, and the positive changes I have made in my eating habits have helped me to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

~ Sincerely, C.L.

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